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Free future-proof HTML5 blank Joomla 2.5 template for responsive web design

28/January / 2012

Joomla 2.5 has just arrived including some good stuff like automatic update notifications (for both, Joomla and extensions) and a natural language search engine (part of Joomla core). It also includes (for the first time) multi-database support (for example, you can now run it on SQL Server Express).

In this blog entry, we would like to share our new Joomla 1.5/1.6/2.5 template, ready for your new websites.

It won’t give you everything (i.e. look & feel, graphics, modules…). What it will give you though, is a very solid future-proof foundation for all your Joomla work.

This template was created using HTML5 Boilerplate (read more about it here HTML5 Boilerplate contains plenty of good features, most useful:
- cross-browser compatibility
- it is HTML5 ready
- best practice website configuration
- basic responsive design
- IE specific css classes
- mobile ready

Download cambridgesoftware_html5 Joomla template

Just to be clear, this is only the starting point and by no means is a production ready template. You need to add to it, quite a lot actually still, it gives you a lot of good work to start with. On top of what is listed above, it will save you a couple of hours on every new project.

To try it out:
- Download and install Joomla 2.5
- Download the above template and copy it to the templates directory under your Joomla 2.5 installation
- Go to the administration page, discover and install this template using the (Extension Manager – Discover)
- Open Template Manager and select Cambridge Software HTML5 Boilerplate

UPDATED 3/February/2011:

Detailed instructions on how to install the above template.
1.Download the above file and extract the content of it into your templates directory

2. Confirm that you can see 'Cambridge Software HTML5 Boilerplate - Default' in the Template Manager and set it to default

3. Access your Joomla website and see HTML5 in action!